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Communication and Security Tools

Free Secure Private Forums and Virtual Office
Delphi  Network
       Secure Private Forums, Online Office for your team;  provides an encrypted portal to the Web 
       Prayer Forum for your supporters 
       Includes a forum web page & each user gets a web page
Note:  access to this forum site is blocked by some governments

Network for Strategic Missions
       Facilitating breakthrough opportunities
       Forums on Regions, Religions, PGs; 
       Start your own forum

Web-Based MS-Office Compatible Software
ThinkFree Office
       Sync Documents, Access Software Anywhere 

Web Sites
People Teams   Recommeded Free People Group Website with No Ads
How to Build a Web Site Step By Step

Communication and Security Tools

Communication Factors in Email

Internet Security
Check the Security of Your Computer Online
Gibson Research

PGP latest version for download

Free Anti-Virus Protection - AVG

Anonymizer    Surf Anonymously

Spyware Removers    
Free programs keep "spyware" from sending back information about you and your computer.

Ad-Aware Anti-Spyware
Microsoft Free Anti-Spyware
Zone Labs Free Online Spyware Detector

       A free personal firewall for your computer that prevents any access.
Protects against viruses, email worms and script viruses

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Last Updated 13 May 2013